Foundation Homes Is Your Luxury House Builders for Custom House Design, Extensions, and Alterations in Sunshine Coast

Foundation Homes are luxury house builders and can design a custom house or an extension to an existing home in Sunshine Coast. If you just need modernisation and a fresh new look we design house layout alterations as well. We are the builders of choice for those seeking complex designs and exquisite features. To learn about all the ways, we can serve you read more about our services.

Benefits of House Extensions in Sunshine Coast

People desiring a dream home don’t have to depend on starting from scratch, especially when they enjoy the location and surrounding property. Our creative team of preferred architects and designers can develop a custom house design that integrates seamlessly with your existing home.

A house extension gives you extra space to meet your needs without you moving from the place you call home. Moving takes time and money and can potentially move you further from friends, family, and work. During the design and construction of an extension, we can provide house alterations to the exterior and interior of the existing house to upgrade your décor and lifestyle.

Money invested in house alterations and extensions increase the value of your home. You will recuperate your investment at the resale, and you can use the equity in your home to help pay for future expenses.

People often think of increasing their indoor living space when considering an extension but they can expand the outdoor living space as well. Patios and decks are popular places to entertain or to spend time relaxing. We can create a breathtaking outdoor area to enhance your lifestyle with luxury inside and out.

Make a Lifestyle Upgrade with a House Alteration

Growing families can outgrow their homes and need a house extension but what about empty nesters? Children grow up and move out of the house leaving parents with unused space. After your children leave home, is the ideal time for people to invest in a house alteration.

Firstly, you have extra space that was used by your children but now sits idle. We can redesign and repurpose obsolete play areas and bedrooms for you to enjoy. You have been focused on your children for years and now is the time to remember what you enjoy. We can build you a new home theatre, state of the art kitchen, craft room, or designer garage.

Secondly, now you have the money to treat yourself after years of paying for dance lessons and university costs. Parents sacrifice their desires to fulfil the needs of their children but now is the time to treat yourself. We can’t think of a more lasting way to do that than to design and build luxury, top of the line renovations.

Whether you have a growing family and need a house extension or empty nesters that want to reclaim their lives by a house alteration, we can help. We cater to discerning tastes and complex styles so if you desire something extraordinary contact Foundation Homes. Our custom house design team and luxury home builders in Sunshine Coast want to make your vision a reality.