What to Look for in Your Home Renovations in Noosa

If you’re looking to change up your living space, you may be wondering where to start. There are endless directions you could go in when it comes to home renovations. Whether you’re looking for alterations, extensions, renovations, or you’re hoping to start from scratch with a brand new home; Foundation Homes will be with you every step of the way. Our team of architects and designers is talented and experienced and will make sure you are getting the results you want, no matter how complex the design.


Current Home Renovation Trends in Noosa

It’s hard to keep up with what’s cool in home design, so we have a few suggestions. To start, if you’re getting any home renovations in Noosa that involve new windows, go big or go home. Extra large windows are in right now because they can light up a room and give you a beautiful view of the outdoors. In fact, incorporating the outdoors into the home design is becoming increasingly popular. Don’t just limit your outdoor space to another basic deck or patio when you could have a beautiful outdoor kitchen, living room, or even shower. These “indoor-outdoor showers” will give you the connection to nature that an outdoor shower provides, while still giving you the privacy and year-round usability of indoor showers.

Now that you have the connection to the outdoors figured out, it’s time to decide what to do inside. A room doesn’t just have to be four boring walls. Open concept design allows rooms to connect and flow into each other. Kitchens and entryways are getting bigger, and home offices are becoming more popular. Whatever you’re looking for in a home, whether you take these tips or not, we want to help you design your dream home with high-quality home renovations in Noosa.

Going Green with Home Renovations

Another huge trend that we haven’t yet mentioned is going green. Environmentally friendly homes are a win for everyone. They’re cost efficient, healthier for you and healthier for the environment especially in such an area as beautiful as Noosa.

There’s plenty you can do when designing your home renovations to make it more environmentally conscious. For example, a passive solar building design uses specially angled windows, walls, and floors so that the house traps as much heat as possible during the winter and reflects heat during the summer. This reduces energy consumption because the house uses energy from the sun for heat.

Using renewable materials to build your house is another great way to conserve. Rammed earth, for example, has a similar look to concrete, but does not produce devastatingly large volumes of carbon dioxide. Bamboo, recycled plastic and timbercrete are just a few of the many different renewable materials that can make up your home. Another option is to use prefabricated steel, which can reduce construction waste.

No matter how you choose to design your home — trendy, green, both or neither – our goal is to help you customise your home renovation or building experience so that you get the results you want, exactly as you imagined them.