Your New Build Home Starts with Foundation Homes: Builders of Unique Houses in Sunshine Coast

Foundation Homes believe that your home should be as unique as you are. We are master new home builders in Sunshine Coast that are experienced in the challenges of designing and constructing distinctive houses. If you are ready to build your dream home, we are ready to help.

Advantages of New Build Houses

Designing a new home means you get to enjoy a house that perfectly matches your style and the way you live. Many advantages exist beyond living in a house that is customised to suit you. For example, new structures have very low maintenance costs and the price of building a new home is offset by the years of minimal upkeep. Warranties will be new which means, even if an issue does arise, you can resolve it with very little or no cost to you.

When you select the new build option, you choose all the amenities you desire. We can create a gourmet kitchen or home theatre as well as use building materials that you select. Another important aspect of your choice is the location of your new house. Just the right piece of property with all the qualities you want is just as important as the actual structure.

Today’s new build homes offer top of the line energy efficiency measures so you will save money on energy costs and be kind to the environment. Tight seals and new appliances save money, and we build new homes with materials that conserve resources to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Modern buildings require less construction materials in general than homes built a decade ago.

New construction is safer because the components and techniques have improved over the last few years. Fire is less likely with today’s wiring and fire-resistant frames and drywall. Tempered glass is more shatter-proof to limit the likelihood of injury from breakage, and we can also include additional features to deter unwanted ‘guests.’

The money invested in a new build home is similar to putting the money in the bank. You can expect the value of your home to increase over the years so you will get your money back at resale time. You can use the value of your home to borrow against for future expenses such as your child attending a university.

New Home Builders in Sunshine Coast

If you’re ready to build a luxury home but don’t know where to start, we can help. Our experienced architects and designers are creative and open to your ideas. After consulting with our design team, our builders will artfully make your dream a reality. Look at a few of our unique designs by viewing our gallery for some inspiration.

Our new home builders love to build one of a kind original houses in Sunshine Coast. We want our next project to be your luxury dream home. Contact Foundation Homes, and we can set up an appointment with our skilled design team because the sooner we start, the sooner you will be living the dream.