Choose Experience for Your House Extensions in Noosa and Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast

Living on the Sunshine Coast is wonderful. You and you’ family have a great house. It’s starting to feel a bit too crowded, however, and you’ve been thinking about building an extension for a few years. Now is the time to make that dream come true. Whether it’s a new room, a new kitchen, an extended deck or a bigger patio, the company to contact for house extensions on the Sunshine Coast is Foundation Homes.

Whether your house has been your family’s castle for many years or you just moved in and want a bit more room, we are your partners. We have been adding extensions to houses on the Sunshine Coast for many years. Although we are also known as one of the top builders of new luxury homes, we have a passion for helping you build an extension that will result in the dream house you’ve always wanted.

If you think that house extensions can be tricky, that it’s hard to make an extension look natural rather than something that is just dropped alongside the existing structure, that’s not the case at all. Foundation Homes works with the top designers and architects in the region to make sure your new extension is perfect for your existing home.

We’re happy to do house extensions in Caloundra

The same is true for house extensions in Noosa. If you need a house extension anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, Foundation Homes is the company for you.

We founded our business on the idea that when people are adding an extension to their existing house or even building a new luxury home, they need flexibility. We love to work with creative home owners who have interesting and unique ideas for their house extensions. We never see any design as too complicated. We welcome the challenge of providing you with the house extension that will perfectly compliment your existing house.

We are a boutique building business that provides you with a product that is of award winning quality. Our team has generations of experience that can help you design and build house extensions that will make your current home larger and even more welcoming than it already is.

Working with Foundation Homes for the ideal experience

When you work with us to build house extensions on the Sunshine Coast, we want the experience to be as enjoyable and worry free as possible. We are passionate about creating house extensions that make owners glad that they decided to bring their project to us. No design is too complicated for our talented sub-contractors.

Foundations Homes is your quality home builder on the Sunshine Coast. Regardless of what you need in a house extension, we will ensure it’s to your exact specifications.